25 Best Bohemian Girl Names of 2020

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25 Best Bohemian Baby Girl Names of 2020

Best Bohemian Baby Girl Names of 2020

Many more people these days seem to be wanting a more bohemian lifestyle. And hey, I can see why. The freedom, traveling, and care-free spirit is a good way to live! If you're expecting a little girl and wanting to give her a name that will help her to live that kind of life, then have a look at our list of names. We searched the internet and found the 25 best bohemian baby girl names for you! Some are more popular than others, but some are very unique and rare. The choice is yours! 


Damica is French and stands for “open-spirited, friendly.” I like it! Because, what bohemian have you ever know that wasn't open-spirited and friendly? 


This is a feminization of Charles and means “free man.” It always reminds me of Charlize Theron, though.


I can honestly say that I had never in my life heard of this name before. It makes sense – it’s another Greek name, but also means “free.” It does just kind of roll off the tongue, especially with a slight roll of the “r” at the end. Either way, it’s down in popularity, but would make a fantastically unique baby girl name.


This name originates from Slavic and Russian traditional names, and is related to the boy name, Frances. It means – “from France; free man.” Although, in this case it would obviously mean woman.


The meaning of free, is well, free. It’s a name that originally gained popularity in the sixties but has since decreased in popularity. It would make a fantastic middle name to any bohemian or hippie baby girl.


Up 57% with no origin or meaning. It’s up for grabs! You can literally make a name for yourself.


Lysandra stands for “liberator,” and it’s Greek. It’s increased in popularity a lot recently – up 43%!


Ooh! This is a unique one! At least for these American ears. It’s Filipino and means “free.” It was #671 in 2019.


A name that I would never be able to pronounce without the help of the internet – SEER-sha. It’s Irish and means liberty. How fitting! It was #819 in baby girl names, so it’s yours for the taking!


Blue can be the name of a girl or boy, and also stands for the color. It is down in popularity amongst humans, but was 73rd in dogs names.


A name that can go either way, and yet always reminds me of Pirates of the Carribbean. “She who hides,” which is actually very spot on for that character. Good job, Disney. It’s Greek and is gaining in popularity.


Another unique name, which stands for “supreme power.” Why does that make me want to do an evil laugh? It’s Greek, so get out your rice and wine! Opah!


Cyan directly means the color, cyan. It’s fairly low in popularity, so you wouldn’t have to worry about having another Cyan in your daughter’s classroom.


Although a unisex name, it is more favored for girls than for boys. It’s name is self-explanatory and means haven, or a safe place.


This name means “a noble woman” and is Norse. In 2019 it was #200 out of all the baby names, so it’s quite popular.


Isolde is such a vintage beauty of a name. It comes from the Welsch and translates to “ice ruler.” Cool! It’s down a little but has remained constant. I’m not sure how I’d feel about naming my daughter “ice ruler,” though.


This is an interesting one! It just rolls off the tongue. It means cinnamon – ooh, delicious! And it’s Greek! It’s apparently down quite a bit in popularity recently, so this would be a great one if you’re looking for a unique name. Which, if you live in the United States, this would be very unique.


Indigo is of Greek origin, means “Indian dye,” and has slightly gained in popularity. It’s usually a deep, blueish purple, and was once very rare and a highly valued commodity. In some respects, it can also refer to people who are “indigo children,” meaning that they are deeply intuitive. But, it also has a dark side, and “indigo children” have also been considered depressed and moody.


Lavender is another pretty direct name, literally meaning Lavender. It’s English in origin, and is slightly down in popularity, although it was the name for a character in the Harry Potter series as well as many other real and fictional characters alike.


The meaning of the name Lyric is “lyre,” which for those of you who don’t want to take the time out of your day to Google the meaning of, it means harp. Aww, how beautiful. Lyric was #367 in popularity, down 26%, is unisex, and is another Greek name.


This directly translates to “ocean” from French. Although It’s down a little bit in popularity, there are many famous people named this, include French tennis players, ski jumpers, swimmers, snowboarders, and more! It seems this name is fitting for a physically active baby!


Another unisex name! These Bohemians sure like to make sure their baby has options. They must not want to know the sex until the day of! Phoenix means “dark red” and comes from Greece. In 2019 it was #313 in popularity among names.


This can be a name for a boy or girl, and is related to Rosemary, Roma, and Romana. It literally means “dew of the sea,” or “rosemary,” as in the herb. Dew of the sea, I like that!


Now this is a unique name to any American. It’s Scandinavian in origin and means spear. Wait, how is this bohemian? It’s becoming more popular, too, and was the 74th most popular name in Sweden.


This name is English and stands for happy and carefree, which is pretty much the epitome of what it means to be Bohemian. It’s down in popularity, which would make it the perfectly unique name for your happy, little carefree bundle of joy.

So there you have it! These are the best bohemian baby girl names of 2020. In reality though, it really doesn't matter what you decide to name your baby, so long as it rings true for you and for her. We'd love to know your thoughts! Drop a line in the comments section below. 

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